Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bigger Stuffed Woodland Creatures

So I decided to make a tree and a mushroom with the leftover felt I had from making the little woodland creatures for the mobile. To see the mobile or where I got the pattern for the creatures please click here. I might make a bunny later, I figured I would start out with these two. If I end up needing more added to the room, I'll make some more creatures.

So to make them bigger, I copied the pattern from Adobe to Microsoft Word and enlarged them to the size of the whole paper. I printed the patterns out and used them as a template to cut out the felt.

Materials needed:

Embroidery Floss
Embroidery Needle
Scissors to cut out felt

All the felt cut out and ready to go.
I used a basting stitch to attach the hole in the tree.
I then cut out my own eyes and mouth since I didn't want to stitch circles like I did for the smaller version, that would take forever. I used the basting stitch again to attach them.
I then used white flossing thread (all 6 strings since I wanted it more noticeable plus it's less work) to make dots for the eyes. You start with a short stitch, right under it go a bit wider and repeat until you get to the widest part of the circle. Then gradually make your stitches smaller until you get the desired result.
I started embroidering the corner of the tree. The pattern gives instructions on how to make leaves and such.
I added some flowers. :)
I put the back of the tree behind the front then did the basting stitch on the outside. When I got to the part where I wanted the leaf I just stitched across it to keep it in place.
I took some leftover felt that was big enough to make a bottom and pinned it in place. I put this here so it can stand on it's own (the little ones do not have a base). I didn't bother with sizing it perfectly figuring I'll just cut the excess off at the end.
This shows the excess and my basting stitch to keep it in place. After finishing one side I stuffed the tree with poly-fill, then finished up stitching it up leaving the knot in the bottom.
This is what the bottom looks like after cutting off the excess.
Finished result. :)

The Mushroom:
Cut out felt from pattern, cut out my own eyes and mouth.
Used basting stitch again to attach eyes, mouth, and spots. Used the same technique for the white spots in the eyes as I did for the tree.
I then embroidered the bottom part of the mushroom and used a basting stitch to attach the top to the bottom. I should have done this before embroidering by the way, lol.
Attached top to bottom of the back with a basting stitch as well.
Started with red floss and worked my way around the top with a basting stitch.
Stuffed the top with poly-fill.
Pinned larger piece of felt on the bottom just as I did for the tree and stitched it on.
Once I was done stitching one side I filled the bottom part with poly-fill.
All stitched up, just need to cut off the excess felt.
Finished result! The eyes kinda creep me out so I kinda wish I would've just left the face off but oh well.

That's it! I'll be working on my second mobile for over the changing table for my next blog. :)

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